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Big thanks to the STEP Community


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Hello everyone! Audley here. I wasn't sure where exactly to post this but I decided that the "Banter Inn" was probably a good place as any. :)


This is me wanting to write a quick(ish) thank you to the entire STEP community for being helpful, kind, supportive, and awesome. I discovered the STEP community last August and it has been an incredible discovery I must say. 


Without my going into too much detail of my personal life: I have a lot of health issues. And I don't have very many friends in my area. However, thanks to STEP, I have gained a lot of friends and support over the past six months or so and it has really meant a lot to me. I don't really know who started the STEP community, or who pays to keep the site/forums up and running. But what I do know is that this is the BEST community I have ever had the pleasure of being apart of. 


I don't really... (trying to find the right words here) get along very well with the Nexus community. I don't think there is anything wrong with the Nexus community, I just never really fit in there. However, here on the STEP forums I feel very accepted and welcome. I feel as though the STEP community accepts everyone and is very open to different opinions. I have never once been called any kind of name or had a rude comment directed at me while being here. And I think the openness of all the members on here (willing to start a debate or civil discussion rather than an argument) is one of the biggest reasons that makes this community great.


I know it's not necessarily perfect, and the community does have some problems that crop up from time to time, but to me I think it is the best community I have ever been apart of. I wish I could do more to support the community, and I wish that I had money to donate. Though I definitely will try to be more active on commenting.


So in short: thank you to EVERYONE here at the STEP forums for making such an awesome community. :)


Cheers, Audley


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Thanks Audley. That means a lot. We run the site specifically with all you mention in mind, so glad you are a member ;)



A very small group of us started this site based on TheCompilers STEP 'mod' on the Nexus, because STEP encompasses so many aspects of mods and modding that we thought it would be better supported and serviced with full forums/wiki rather than a simple PDF guide and only a Nexus thread. That and the modding community lacks a comprehensive reference for all the aspects of modding TES Games. It has worked out pretty well, given the community and staff we have fostered :D

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Audley, Your observation about this forum and Nexus are spot on. Nexus has a lot of information. But the signal to noise ratio is high. As the primary source of mods it's a must read. Those that post there also make good contribution. When evaluating a mod it is required reading. Posting there always seems a chore for me, so I lurk. The Steam forum also has a few gems. But it is even worse than Nexus. I avoid the site except when Google turns up a post.


This is probly the first online community that I really wanted to be a part of. 


To everyone that start this site and to those that make contribute great or small, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your love of your hobby shines and is infectious.

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I have taken a long break from skyrim but I am back. I have to say thank you to you. Your one of the reasons out of many really why this community/forums is so friendly and willing to help and also why its so alive and doing so well.

I think you were gone before I really started getting involved, but it's nice to have you back. I'm also waiting for the day that Monty and Farlo return. ::D:

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It's always interesting to see a post like this... one that serves no purpose other than to convey gratitude. It's a lost art in most of the world, one I've been at pains to try to teach my kids. It's always an uphill battle. (For the kids and the rest of us...)


I've been in a few mod communities over the last twenty years (you can now delete that number from your memory...), and very very few have had the qualities that you mention Aud. This is one of them. The rest don't exist anymore, mostly due to the games they being centered around being all but gone. I hope you continue to feel welcome here.

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I have never met a bunch of more helpful and generous people. Most of the time I have literally no idea what the alien language in support threads actually means, but the amount of help given is amazing. 


I know this post is months old, but it brought a tear to my eye. A very touching post. There are a lot of people out there with big problems, but it takes very little to make them just a little bit happier. I think if our society didn't shun and opened their arms more, it would be a better place. Compassion is a super-power not a lot of people want to use, or try to understand. It feels so good inside to have felt something from Audley's post. That is what I'm talking about! I really do feel for you Audley and wish you the very best.

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