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Confused about loot meta rule instructions.


Hi folks,

I am a bit confused with regards to the loot meta rules. For example, take the following meta rule:


Meta Rule Instructions

Load after:

  • HearthfireChimneys.esp


Okay, so based on this rule, which would be correct?


1. HearthfireChimneys.esp should be loaded after RealisticWaterTwo.ESP -or-

2. Load RealisticWaterTwo.ESP after HearthfireChimneys.esp.


I'm thinking #1 is correct, but I'm not certain. Anyone care to enlighten me? Thanks.


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Realistic Water to be loaded after HearthfiresChimneys, so your #2. Read that as "Mod X should be LOADED AFTER: Mod Y."

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Realistic Water to be loaded after HearthfiresChimneys, so your #2. Read that as "Mod X should be LOADED AFTER: Mod Y."

Ah I see now, thank you <3

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I just noticed I missed this step, but haven't seen a problem in-game. What does this instruction solve/prevent? Just so I know if I should fix it now or leave it.

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      I've just cleaned all the esms for Fallout 3 and I was just going to check the process got everything by running LOOT.
      As you are aware MO has a stripped down version of 0.5 and the latest stable version was 0.6. I also have the beta version, 0.7.
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      But today, I happend to use right pane>plugin> "sort" of MO2 (I know it is old Loot which packaged with MO2)  
      Though I do not think, it cause problem, but I hoped to check with Loot (which installed and set to luanch from MO)
      But  MO2 can not launch Loot anymore. everytime I try to launch LOOT from MO2, it show errer message window.  after while  Loot shut down. It only happen when I run Root from MO2.  Even though I use MO then run same version Root it work.
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