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Best pack(s) for a first run of Skyrim

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Hi guys,


I'm sorry to ask such a newb' question but I would really like to have your advice on this:

After installing STEP Extended and for a first run of the game, what (combination of) pack(s) would you recommend to add for the best possible gameplay experience in Skyrim.


Thanks in advance.


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If you focus on gameplay I would suggest a combination of Dovahkiin Reborn, Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance, Survival and Deleveled Loot. You can also throw Explorer's Guide (REGS) in the mix provided you skip You Hunger (Survival Pack) and Deleveled Loot - or ignore the new quests and locations from REGS,which I personally wouldn't.

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Personally, I think the answer to that partially depends on how much time you think you'll put into Skyrim. If you only want to play it through once or twice, then I agree with caiuscosades suggestions. Otherwise, I'd try playing through the game with just STEP Core or Extended prior to adding in many gameplay mods. Just my 2 cents.

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