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  1. Sorry to insist but now that the topic is alive again, I try my luck. In the "Do You Feel Lucky?" part of the wiki, for CaliberX, it seems now that the V5.04 version is unavailable that we need to install the Caliber 3-18 FOMOD file first and then the CaliberX ESM update - v4.017 but in the wiki there is no info on which fomod options to select, can you maybe help me with this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi there, in the "Do You Feel Lucky?" part of the wiki, for CaliberX it is recommanded to get the WotNM_CaliberX 5.0 Patches optional file. It seems to not exist though. Which other one should we use? Also for the main file, what are the fomod options to select? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi there, First of all thanks a lot for this crazy project! I'm trying to install Fear & Loathing in New Vegas and following the wiki, it's required (in the extenders part) to install the V40.00 of JIP LN NVSE Plugin but this version is unavailable on nexusmods, should I install a more recent version? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi there, I just installed STEP Extended and I'd like to add REGS. If I understand well what I read here and there, it's not compatible anymore, right? Does anyone has more infos? Is it fixable in some way? Big thanks in advance!
  5. Hi guys, not really a broken link but the current build of TESEdit is the 130815, the SR:LE guide still recommends the 280715. Can someone upload this one or should I just use the new version? Thanks.
  6. Monkee

    General Support Thread

    Hi there, I've been away for some days and just checked the changes history. There was a switch from BOSS to LOOT made by someone and then it has been cancelled by someone else. Are we going to switch for good or is SR:LE going to stay with BOSS? Thanks.
  7. Monkee

    General Support Thread

    Thanks again. Let's try!
  8. Monkee

    General Support Thread

    MO was installed on the SSD but I was able to back it up. I could reinstall it and then bring back the mod directory (why should I need the download one though?) but would I be able to retain my profiles and the choices/order I had before the crash?
  9. Monkee

    General Support Thread

    Ok Nozzer66 but when you say reinstall MO; I already installed it inside the Skyrim folder the first time and all the mods are set up in it; so won't I loose everything by reinstalling it?
  10. Monkee

    General Support Thread

    Thanks guys for those tips. I once more need your help... I had a failing SSD (where my system was installed) this weekend and I just finished re-installing windows and steam (I was able to back up the ini and everything important). Can I drop the modded skyrim folder (and the relevant .acf) inside steamapps/common or should I first drop the vanilla one for Steam not to erase everything? Then if I re-place the saved .ini files where they belong and re-install the Papyrus Compiler Fix (the only "application" of the all guide that I installed on C:), can I continue where I left last time? Or am I supposed to re-install some apps or check some mods or something else?
  11. Monkee

    General Support Thread

    By the way, I recall installing "Alternate Start - Live Another Life" through your guide but I never played the Vanilla game, can I follow the REGS instructions to play the vanilla start ? Also I just checked and you updated the ENB Related Data Files yesterday, can I just install the new version and overwrite the previous one or is there a specific way to properly apply updates for mods? Thanks.
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