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  1. Thanks, dunno how I missed it. Envoyé de mon SM-N910F en utilisant Tapatalk
  2. Be brave ! I have a small problem : Your Own Thoughts 3.0 isn't available anymore and the 3.1 file seems to be corrupt (0 kb, can't install it through MO nor open it). Does anyone have a copy ?
  3. Can anyone tell from the trailer if they "fixed" the exterior shadows (blockiness no matter which Shadowmapresolution values, unless you sacrifice Shadowdrawdistance) ? That's always been one of the most annoying visual issues imho.
  4. Well... https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-06-13-the-elder-scrolls-5-skyrim-remaster-announced Nothing major it seems, but this could still become the new basis for modding depending how it performs compared to the original game. I wish it were a little more impressive on the graphical side, but consoles are Bethesda's primarily targets here and since both already struggle to maintain 30 fps in Fallout 4...
  5. I imagine Bethesda will go the easy route, simply porting the game to the latest iteration of the Creation Engine and adding refined post-processing on top - perhap's a Survival mode. I don't see them rewriting vast portions of code nor revolutionizing game systems. Such a minimalistic approach should retain compatibility with most mods whereas the removal of memory limitations could benefit to the likes of Skywind and Andoran which tend to take an heavier toll on the engine than the vanilla game. My biggest fear is that this hypothetical remaster remains console exclusive... You never know. Wasn't Pete Hines evoking Bethesda's rumored take on space-opera ? About TES VI, I expect it to follow the current trend and provide an even more streamlined and shallow experience, favouring quantity over quality, profusion over depth.
  6. I agree but remasters / ports are often outsourced, that would not necessarily result in a delay for TES VI. Regarding the latter I share your hopes and fears, Bethesda's weaknesses as a developer are more obvious than ever imho. Perhap's they should focus on world design and leave the rest to Obsidian (from the narrative and writing standpoint, FNV was way better than both F3 and F4, not to mention Skyrim) and Arkane Studio (at least for the combat area).
  7. Of course, but I was especially curious to know how our guide authors felt about it. Anyway, exciting prospect !
  8. Hi Neo, Darth_Mathias and everyone Although this may not be the right place to discuss it and we'll have to wait for Bethesda's E3 conference to see how things turn out, I suppose you've all read the rumors regarding Skyrim Remastered which would feature mod compatibility for consoles as well as an updated engine as seen in Fallout 4. I hope this is true since the modding scene could greatly benefit from the latter, provided that they also update the PC version. At long last, we could get the 64 bit executable we've been desperately waiting for, along with DirectX 11 / 12 support (built-in VR compatibility would be sweet too, but let's keep our expectations low), more efficient use of quad cores CPUs, better GPU scalability, better shadows, better LOD, animations, and so on. We could finally get rid of some of Skyrim's engine more annoying limitations, allowing to take modding to a whole new level. Of course this remains a rumor for now and I'd understand if you people were reluctant to comment on it, but how do you think such a remaster could impact on SRLE and Extended ? I suppose the removal of the 32-bits limitation alone would make some mods useless and may allow to throw more into the mix (is the 255 plugin limit still a thing in F4 ?), perhap's alleviate script lag (again, is it still an issue in F4 ?), while others would be incompatible. In this case, would you be willing to rebuild your guides around the new version or rather stick to the old one ? Thanks for your dedication, here's hoping Bethesda's conference will deliver (they have serious competitors now with CD Projekt, time to up their game) !
  9. I noticed Carlotta Valentina refers to me as her "love" even though I never spoke to her, could this be related to The Ordinary Women or Bjin's Wives ? There's also that annoying tendency NPCs have to "drink" into invisible mugs, anybody has that ?
  10. Thank you, both of you ! I once knew of the method described by Paul but forgot it, unless I'm mistaken you don't even have to bother with Wrye Bash - one may simply copy a dummy esp only used for BSA extraction such as the one that comes with Unofficial High Resolution Patch and rename it. Looking forward to the subguide then, provided it doesn't slow down the development of the guide too much. I suppose the guide is not so far from completion though, considering the esp count and already heavy load on the system save for armor / quest mods (?). (I know you're testing DCO and CWO, but I would be surprised if they both made the cut for stability reasons)
  11. Hi, I have been testing the full installation with a few twists (I use NLA instead of Vividian for instance) for several days now and really enjoy it. However, I was wondering : is there a safe and - hopefully - not too tedious way to remove a master dependency from your CR as well as the associated records ? Although I like Enhanced Landscapes, I'm thinking of dropping it since the combination of this and SFO seems to hit my FPS a bit too hard in certain areas (no hardware issue on my side, I'm running on i7 4790K with an Oced 980) and I find Skyrim really bare without SFO now that I'm used to it. Simply removing the Master's name in your CR header before cleaning Master sort of works in that I can load your CR without EL, but it would probably be safer to manually delete each record from this mod... I find it difficult since you don't provide details on your CR like Neo does, which is very understandable considering how time-consuming such a task must be, but could you point out EL's records or tell me how to highlight them in TES5Edit ? The same goes with Mature Skin (NLA ENB doesn't really compliment it), although this should be way easier to remove from your CR - Neo's has only two records from MatureSkinComplexions.esp under the race section. On a side note, you previously stated you ruled out Ultimate Combat because it was too script-heavy to fit in such a guide, but isn't Duel just as intensive ? Perhap's Vigor + Combat Evolved alone would provide a satisfying enough combat experience while more lightweight ? Anyway, thanks again for your work. I may eventually play the damn game through after years of modding :)
  12. Any chance you consider some of thirteenorange's mods ? A few of them were included in REGS, and as long as I remember those were very well made and really fit into the game world : https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=16345 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?l=french&id=97512100 EDIT : Do you plan to add Seranaholic to the NPC Retexture section ? She's one Bjin's finest works imho...
  13. Hi Darth_mathias, I'm glad you added 3DNPCs :) I noticed that Even Better Quest Objectives (featured in SR:LE) had an Enhanced Skyrim Factions - The Companions Guild option, must we install it or does your CR already cover whatever conflict may arise between those two ? I may have skipped something but I don't think you mentioned it. Also, what about ESF - Aela the Huntress from the same author ? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11450/? Although her lines aren't fully voiced, this could be a great addition. It probably conflicts with Bijin Warmaidens though.
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