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Is there a hidden limit to number of ENB weathers supported?



I ask because I started tinkering with an old version of Serenity. Things worked fine. I split off some of the weathers that were grouped (I wanted to be able to control Mist separately in the marsh weathers, for instance, but they'd been grouped with other weathers originally). I also wanted to add some inis for some expansions that added custom weather.


Problem is, I get these weird little uneditable copies of some of the weatherinis themselves, and when I load in-game for those weathers, stuff is back to default ENB values (mostly 1s etc.) despite the ini actually having different values when I close out the game and look in my Skyrim folder.


This is what I mean:



So like for instance, _ClearRE will show up fine in-game, with the proper values I've already set for it (no uneditable copy). _ClearSN will default to ... uh ... default ENB values in-game (it has an uneditable copy).


Troubleshooting things I've tried:


  • Rebuilding the _weatherlist.ini from scratch
  • Making sure the Win7 Read-Only bug wasn't happening
  • Deleting the uneditables 
  • Copy-pasting, in their entirety, the contents of inis that worked into ones that didn't
  • Trying with and without Real Shelter
  • Making sure my _weatherlist.ini names matched the names of the weathers' inis


None of it worked, although rebuilding my weatherlist.ini did have the effect of making different weathers into the problem weathers. ... I'm honestly out of ideas, and it's driving me up the wall.

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You got 99 different possible ini´s to use. As long as the proper formID´s are under a specific weatherID it should use that ini file. 

Well at my most extreme it was 70. Even paring down to less than that still gives me issues.


I sat there with the wiki open while making my inis, and I don't get this problem with prod's default setup. Since his naming system was a little arcane, I copy-paste searched the wiki from his ini, and if it was something I wanted to separate off, I pasted it into the next blank spot and added a name. EDIT: I also changed the names of some of his -- _Cloudy1_A I might change to _CloudyTU_A or whatever. (And then I made sure there was a matching ini for that name.) That's it. I'm using stuff directly from the .ini that worked, just moving it around.


I've spent literally (not internet literally, literally literally) several hours troubleshooting -- doublechecking that my weatherIDs are correct, that nothing was duplicated (no instances of the same weather under different inis), that my _weatherlist.ini matched the separate weather inis' naming scheme.


Thanks for the response. I just don't know where to go from here.

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OK. So I decided to try again, separating out just 7 weathers. The ones I added are the ones in the red bracket.




Notice anything? They're the only ones with extra uneditables, and they're the ones showing default values in-game. 


I renamed some of the originally-existing entries when separating these 7 weathers out. _Clear_1 is now _ClearTU. So EDITED weathers in the _weatherlist.ini work fine, but NEW ones do not.




EDIT: I used the same _weatherlist.ini from above, and deleted all the individual weather inis before starting up Skyrim (so it would generate its own).  It's STILL not properly generating inis for those added weathers in brackets. Observe:




Yep, it's the same damn seven I added that come up uneditable.

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