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"Failed to write settings"??



So I've used MO for a long time and never had this issue before.  I just did a clean Skyrim/MO install on a new SSD...a different drive than my OS.  I can open and use MO fine, but when I use Creation Kit or Loot I get the following message box either before it opens, or after when I try to log out of MO...


"MO Failed to write settings

An error occured trying to write back MO settings: File is write protected"


I can't see any pattern to this popping up before the program or on exit, and I can't tell what this is affecting or what it means??


Here are my files...

F:\Games\MOd Organizer\ModOrganizer.exe

F:\Games\Skyrim Tools\LOOT\LOOT.exe




I have set properties/security/permissions to full control for all of these folders.



What am I missing?



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Thanks for the fast response!  


OK...think i got it.  I had to right click on my f:\Games folder, properties, then at the bottom had to uncheck the Read Only box.  Never had to do that before...hope it doesn't screw anything up?!

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