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Cleaning Hearthfire.esm ( Following STEP 2.2.9)



Hi ,  im new to  modding skyrim and i've got a question about cleaning skyrim masters files, specifically hearthfire.esm


> Do i need to load update.esm together with skyrim.esm , skyrim.exe and hearthfire.esm to clean hearthfire.esm?

       im confused due to the conflicting instructions by STEP 2.2.9 & 2 cleaning masters video found on youtube

       and also because when cleaning dawnguard.esm and dragonborn.esm update.esm was automatically loaded with skyrim.esm & skyrim.exe when following STEP 2.2.9 which contained identical instructions


STEP instructions :


  1. Run TES5Edit through Mod Organizer.
  2. Right-click the list of plugins and choose [select None].
  3. Tick Hearthfires.esm, and click [OK]


result :




If the image is not viewable what happened was that only skyrim.esm ,skyrim.exe and hearthfire.esm is loaded , but not update.esm.


Youtube Vid instructions ( by Gopher & CHABAL)


but in CHABAL video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0kg9X1Z4jU ( made feb 2015) at 8:02 he checked both skyrim .esm and update.esm 

and in  gopher video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw3g_N1jcZQ ( made in 2012) at 9:21 he did the same thing as chabal .


im curious to whether it actually matters which approach i take. I know i should just follow step but just want to be 100% sure >.<

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