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Trees partially disappearing with camera movement - due to using older binary?



As the title suggests, I installed an older ENB which uses the 221 binary, and with it I'm noticing the trees partially disappear as I move the camera. I switch to another ENB, no problem, switch back, problem returns. Here are the pics:


full trees


same trees after barely moving the camera


I'm using SFO 2.0, so maybe there's an incompatibility there? Something to do with DoF? 


Thanks for any help

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I was using an older version because I wanted to try Project ENB, which requires the 221. 


As an update, I switched back to the newest binary and Ruvaak Dahmaan and I'm getting these same trees partially transparent, however they're just staying that way, not switching back and forth, which is probably why I didn't notice them before. This ENB is much darker so it's not as noticeable. I'm thoroughly confused now and wondering if it even has anything to do with ENB. I have almost nothing in my load order though.


It doesn't matter whether I toggle the DoF on or off, they just stay like this:


same trees with ruvaak

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I wouldnt say requires 221 but rather requires 221 or greater


there are sometimes reasons to backdate but I dont think this is one of them.

However, that was the only logical suggestion that I could make at this time. Tech will likely be able to help you out a little more.

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