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Patch Merging



Here's some Questions for ya guys


1. What are the major differences between automatic and manual patch merging?


2. Is it possible to run the automatic patch and then load everything back up again manually patch the left overs?


3. If number 2 is possible is it even reccomended or should you just manually go through every conflict and make your own patch?


4. When do we use the new .esp merger script?


5. Do we use it to merge our own Merged Patch (manual or auto) our bash and our dynamic patches ie ASIS etc?


Phew, that's all my questions for now! Thanks in advance



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LEave you dynamic patches alone. Several mods are fine to merge. Skyrim Revisited Legendary Edition includes some merges which should give you a better idea of when to use the script. Making patches by hand gives you more control and should lead to better patches but the merge script saves time. You don't want to merge everything though only some things.

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