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Skyrim Meditation


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So this file was up on Nexus yesterday but was taken down for whatever reason. It's a pretty awesome concept though so I hope it comes back. Basically it gives you a power that replaces the game's wait system. When you use the power, you'll sit down and the time in game will pass much faster. You can see it in action here:


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That does look impressive' date=' and much more immersive than a menu and slideshow. Source as to why it was taken down?[/quote']

I searched' date=' couldn't find anything.[/quote']

Bummer, and unfortunately it wasn't up long enough for Google to grab a cached version either.  Looks like we'll just have to wait and hope it pops back up.

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perfect mod for inclusion when all the bugs are worked out' date=' I hate the immersion break of waiting and fast travel.[/quote']


And the loading screens. :p


If only Open Cities was compatible with more mods...

Indeed.  It's compatible with everything in STEP, I'm gonna seriously look at it for inclusion in the Morrowind pack.

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witcher has something like that.... you just cannot wait/meditate everywhere in witcher... it makes sense. a mod that replaces wait screens and makes to wait possible strictly near proper places would be seriously amazing.... same words for fast travel... fast travel is A LOT immersion breaking as it is imo

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