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Cannot reorder Unmanaged files and other problems


Hi there,


After upgrading my MO to 1.2.15 yesterday, I noticed that I can't reorder Unmanaged files (namely the official DLCs and the Bashed Patch) permanently anymore. I reorder them, put them into the correct order as dictated by the STEP setup, but as soon as I close MO, they return to their original place when I open it again. It looks like this:




Is this supposed to happen? I didn't have this problem in 1.2.14; the unmanaged files stayed where they are after I closed MO.



I also have another question. When I double-click on any one of the unmanaged files, I see this in the Optional ESPs page:




Am I supposed to see all the unmanaged files there like this? Shouldn't I see only Danwguard.esm when I check the Optional ESPs tab of "Unmanaged: Dawnguard?"



Another problem is that as soon as I move the HighResTexturePack01, 02 and 03.esps to Optional ESPs tab above (as you can see in the previous picture) their entries in the Left Pane of Mod Organizer disappears. If I move them back to Available ESPs tab below, they reapper in the Left Pane. Is this normal? There are other mods whose ESPs I moved to Optional ESPs tab and they still show in the Left Pane. 







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Yeah, the wiki has a FAQ that describes what you need to do. Pretty simple since nothing is in the registry and everything is either a folder or an ini.

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