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  1. Try running Steam with administrator rights. I had the same problem and this fixed it for me.
  2. Is Detailed Terrain obsolete with Oblivion Reloaded? Alenet has locked the comments section so I can't ask him.
  3. In Weather - All Natural section, there are these lines to add: set ANVars.Luminance to 0.75 set ANVars.SILuminance to 0.75 set ANVars.TCEnabled to 1 What do they do? Also, the last line (set ANVars.TCEnabled to 1) doesn't exist in the Weather - All Natural.ini. Should I add it manually?
  4. Skyrim Performance Monitor should also work with Oblivion AFAIK
  5. So, what would you recommend for Detailed Terrain? Do I need to install OBMM to get it working, or can Bash handle it without a problem? I'm asking because the guide doesn't say anything about which program we should prefer for installing Detailed Terrain.
  6. Detailed Terrain is on the list but it's available only as OMOD. I know Wrye Bash can handle OMODs but I read somewhere that its handling was not 100% error-free. What is your opinion?
  7. Now that you mention it, I remember Save Game Script Cleaner sometimes not crashing and showing billions of scripts as you say. I thought this was just a glitch [emoji53] The mods I uninstalled were Unknown Enchants, Wonders of Weather, Footprints, Enhanced Blood Textures, Convenient Horses, Burn Freeze Shock Effects, Wet&Cold and DynDOLOD.
  8. Tried them many times (including Save Game Scalpel) , as you can see in my first post. They couldn't uncorrupt the saves (they crashed the minute I chose the corrupt save games) and they couldn't stop the healthy ones being corrupted either.
  9. First off, thank you for taking your time to help me. The topic was quite deserted as you can see [emoji4] Secondly, I apologize for not updating my post as *solved*. Here is how I solved my problem. First, I created a copy of my (then) current MO profile and started updating all the out of date mods. That included Race Menu and Papyrus Util. The others were UOP series, a few misc mods with no extra scripts (no scripts folder) and DynDOLOD. I then proceeded to try loading my corrupted save games, and it obviously failed. I then loaded a save game I knew to be working and continued from there, but alas, the game still continued to corrupt nine out of ten saves I made. I then created another copy of my MO profile and deleted 7 (don't remember the exact number) (I listed them on your DynDOLOD page) script intensive mods. I couldn't still load the corrupted saves but at least the new saves stopped being corrupted. I retraced all my lost progress and am continuing my current playthrough without any problems so far.
  10. I'm not jumping to conclusions. I'm saying that I uninstalled a few script heavy mods and DynDOLOD was amongst them. The mods I uninstalled was Unknown Enchants, Wonders of Weather, Footprints, Enhanced Blood Textures, Convenient Horses, Burn Freeze Shock Effects, Wet&Cold and DynDOLOD. I checked all of these mods' comments section for at least ten pages and nobody reported anything even remotely similar to my problem. I come here to check DynDOLOD's forum, and just in the last few pages I find two other people who are reporting corrupt saves. Make of that what you will.
  11. Look at my topic here https://forum.step-project.com/topic/9131-most-saves-get-corrupted-constantly-losing-progress/ I had the exact same problem. All save games get corrupted and cost me hours of progress. I uninstalled a bunch of script-heavy mods, including DynDOLOD and everything is fine now. Looking at your post, maybe the culprit was DynDOLOD amongst those mods I uninstalled.
  12. Individual saves are generally between 28 and 30 mb. I'm using Samsung PRO SSD. This is my MO mod list: And this is my load order:
  13. Hi, I've been having a serious problem with my save games since I broke the 220-hour barrier. I updated a few of the mods in my list a few weeks ago, and a few days later, almost all the save games I created started to get corrupted (unable to load them). I was able to load only a handful of saves out of about hundred and that meant losing hours of progress each time I had to return to the latest stable save. Then, I thought maybe I had messed something up pretty badly while updating, so I reverted all of my MO folder to a date before the update, losing 30 hours in the process. Things returned to normal, or at least that was what I thought. I've broken the 220-hour barrier again and the save games started getting corrupted just like before. I can load roughly just one save out of ten. I've tried looking for something common in corrupted saves, and likewise for the stable saves but nothing, nada. The stable save games look completely random. I've tried saving in QASmoke Hall to no avail. Also, programs like Save Game Cleaner & Scalpel can't even open these corrupt save games (they crash), so I can't repair them. It's taken all the joy out of Skyrim for me, I've already lost 30 hours and it seems I'll lose another 30 hours again unless I manage to save my setup this time. Any ideas why this is happening? Btw, I'll post my load order and MO setup in a few hours (I'm on my phone now)
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