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Is there a way to fix infinite sprint bug?



Hi all,


I've stumbled upon a bug in Skyrim, which somewhat bothers me... dunno how I didn't notice it earlier, but it is even listed on the Skyrim wiki: https://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Sprinting



  • A way to have infinite sprinting is to sprint whilst holding up a torch, and you will continue to sprint after the Stamina bar is depleted, so long as you hold the button down.

And for me it really is reporoducing just that simple. Equip torch, sheathe weapon. Start running forward. Hit (I don't even need to hold it, just hit once) ALT key once -> you're sprinting forever, even after stamina runs out...


I have just installed STEP:Core on my Skyrim (except Smart Souls and Come Together N Out of the way mods, cuz I don't like them) + a couple of extended mods, which are XP32 skeleton, dual sheath redux, FNIS and Even Better Quest Objectives, nothing else; and stumbled upon this.


Is there a known way to fix this? Thanks in advance

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