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Dragonborn - Solstheim Boat Travel by Thicketford

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Another fast travel enhancement from Thickerfort, for Dragonborn this time


This mod adds a boat at Raven Rock docks on Solstheim that can be used as a travel system. There are four destinations in total...


Raven Rock

Tel Mithryn

Haknir's Shoal

Northshore Landing



The boat must be purchased for 150 gold before it can be used. Activate the boat and a menu option will appear allowing you to purchase it.


To travel, simply activate the boat and chose your destination. Choosing the [Open Knapsack] option will open up the boat's knapsack so that you can store items.


The boat will only appear at the last destination that you traveled to. If you can't remember where you left the boat, open up your world map and you will see its location as a map marker.

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I could've sworn I posted this mod here before, I must have forgot...


Anyway it's a brilliant idea imo, Solstheim was always annoying to travel through on foot only.

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