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Dynamic Loot (by 3jiou)


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From the author of deadly dragons; this mod adds an MCM menu that allows you to configure the loot that enemies drop.  It's fairly self explanatory but the coolest feature appears to be that there is an option for "Epic Armor" with unique names.


The configuration options are fairly in depth.  There is currently no configuration option for clothing, and while the armor has a unique "epic" parameter; the weapons do not as of yet.


Looks very promising! Now who is going to test it with me? ;)

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I will be. Reminds me of Diablo and I've always preferred finding items on enemies rather than through crafting. Also' date=' it should increase the difficulty a bit as enemies will be equipped with them as well.[/quote']

Get out of my head!  That was precisely my first thought! :)

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This one is tempting me.  Anyone here endorsing this?  I like the idea of random loot that I may or may not be able to use rather than crafting the perfect synergy.  I use Requiem so any knowledge about its interaction would be helpful.  

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