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Start thinking about Packs!

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This forum is dedicated to community input on STEP Packs. For now, members are encouraged to post about ideas for packs (see examples and review STEP's New Direction).

The Pack Guide-building infrastructure is currently in Alpha testing. At this time, special permissions are needed to be able to create Packs

Would be Pack authors, please come forward and announce your intent to receive Pack authoring permissions.

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Possible other packs: (Editing as I go along)


STEP:SkyRe and STEP:Requiem - Both Skyrim Redone (SkyRe) and Requiem are very big (and very popular) overhauls of the vanilla game. And they are complex. Very complex. They both warrent having their own packs. (Note: Not really experienced with Requiem)


STEP:HarderthanRocks - Basically, mods for the fighters in the crew. Can include TK Combat/Hitstop, Duel (Combat Realism), and other combat/melee enchancing mods. Should probably recommend STEP:Companions and STEP:ImmersiveEquipment.


STEP:ImmersiveEquipment - Various immersive weapon and armor mods. Stuff like both Immersive Armor/Weapons, Heavy Armory, JaySuS Swords, Chronicles of Steel.


STEP:Companions - For enhancing the Companions guild. Should recommend STEP:Werewolf.


STEP:Werewolf and STEP:Vampire - I think both are pretty clear. STEP:Vampires could include Better Vampires and that dynamic face changing mod, Werewolf would be Moonlight Tales and Werewolf Mastery, and both should include Predator Vision.


STEP:StickyFingers - Thievery and Thieves Guild enchancements. Should refer to STEP:Stealth


STEP:ShellydeKiller - Assassin enhancement, including Dark Brotherhood. Should refer to STEP:Stealth.


STEP:ELFX and STEP:RLO - there's enough YMMV between both of those lighting mods, so packs should be made for both.


STEP:HearingMeNow - Various immersive sound enhancements.


STEP:ArchmagesAscention - Magic and College enhancements. Should allow choice between one of the popular magic overhauls.

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STEP: NeverendingStory - Quest mods, Falskaar, Wyrms, other stuff coming out soonish..


STEP: Spice of Life - Stuff that enhances the people of skyrim, like clothing diversity, I guess Wet & Cold kinda did this a bit with cold and wet weather gear. The name is actually after an FNV mod that added like 30 new outfits and a bunch of backpacks, headgear, and pachos to the NPCs, really need something like that for Skyrim. Throw in one of those Interesting NPC type mods and Immersive Patrols to add more people around the land.


STEP: KillEmAll! - War, monsters, and more war and monsters. Immersive Patrols, Warzones or something like it, maybe Civil War Overhaul, New dragons, SkyTest, Monster mod, and AV to diversify your portfolio.

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I've been trying out and testing mods that I'd to eventually put together into a General Gameplay pack. My goal is to create a gameplay enhancement pack that would work as a basic setup for many different character types while balancing the various gameplay mechanics with regard to one another. I hoping to create a mod list that doesn't favor one particular play-style, but rather creates interesting and balanced rewards (and penalties) if the player chooses a particular path or specialization.


Here are a few of the mods I'm currently testing:

- Stealth Skills Rebalanced

- Lockpicking Overhaul

- Smithing Perks Overhaul

- Balanced Magic

- SkyRealism Perk Trees

- ACE: Enchanting

- Deadly Dragons

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Of course these packs are going to include STEP extended and STEP Skyrim revisited? Or are these packs going to be based on one or other or as complete alternatives?


I would assume that some of these packs would either need to work together otherwise each will tread over the same ground in many areas or would need to be based from STEP extended. I would suggest that a pack could have the same format and sections as extended or SR, and then detail the necessary changes, mods removed / added and relevant instructions in each section. That way the format stays consistent and there is less work for each pack compiler/s. Otherwise we will end up having to string various packs together to get what we want.


CORE + Graphics + Lighting + Weather + Sounds + Content + Gameplay + Survival etc...


I think that this would be a nightmare for people to bring them all together to work as each separate pack that focuses on a different feature will likely be put together by different people. Then there will be loads of enquiries of how to make X pack work with Y.


I think STEP extended should cover all of these areas following the usual mandate but with perhaps some more artistic license - improving on vanilla but not overtly changing it and it should also include lighting and weather etc..


Then using this as a base the packs can be produced. A user then installs CORE + Extended and finally the pack of choice making the required changes or even better each pack could be a clone of extended but incorporating the necessary changes to each section demanded by each pack. Any tweaking after that would be limited and down to personal choice - but the user would have pretty much the Skyrim experience they were after complete and working.


If this has already been discussed then great but otherwise it is an important point to be aware of.



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The X working with Y point is an excellent one, Smile. I think we need to make it clear on the Pack's page with a list of what or other mods or Packs it is not compatible with.


For example, STEP: RLO is not compatible with STEP: ELFX, just for the most basic thing.


I really think though that the type of discussion will only bring more attention to STEP, the forums, and the wiki which means more people will be involved and stuff can get refined by our awesome community. Casual users will benefit from the crazier like us that end up doing all the leg work to get stuff to work together and create patches and other stuff.


I say "Bring it on!!!"

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In terms of compatbility then its a bit hard to say that this is 100% compatible with that.

As most of us have found out by now then there is a sort of complexity limit in the engine.

We can run with nice textures now and still have a fairly complex game, but we still cannot get it all!

Essentially I think it is vital to stress that certain packs are just not gonna be viable mixing even though they are compatible.

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When I get some time to sit and play about with my toys again, I've been looking at putting together an alternative gameplay pack - perhaps I'll call it 'Old-school Adventuring'.  It will likely use a patched combination of Skyrim Unleashed, Duel Combat, SXP, Morrowloot, and possibly some elements of SkyRe.  The aims are:

  • De-levelling the game to a workable degree.
  • Introducing a D&D XP replacement for the current skill-use progression system.
  • Removing high-level loot from levelled lists, and placing only it in specific locations and inventories.
  • More unique items, hidden in specific places.
Morrowind was one of my favourite games, but with Oblivion, I shelved it at around level 20.  I had created a ranger-thief type character, and as I gained levels I became weaker in every fight compared to the levelled enemies and their fancy weapons.  This displeased me mightily, and Oblivion went back in its box.  I'm hoping to create a gameplay experience that is more in line with the old Infinity D&D games.
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;) sounds like my playlist philosophy exactly. I mean exactly!  He he.  Sounds like we'll need to get together & bash heads for ideas.


https://forum.step-project.com/showthread.php?tid=3319&page=8 //4th post down in the spoiler


You know what they say about "great minds..."


I am playing the modded game you mention and I've so far very good experiences with SXP, works really well with SU/Duel V5/SkyRe Perks, (I want to try Duel V7 as that really changes up melee combat big time!) and it really does give you that old skool RPG feel. Add to it the spell improvements and leveling system of Forgotten Magic Redone (Apocalypse & Mighty Magic as well) and you've a lot of different ways for character development. I love it!


I am actually thinking about adjusting SXP and Uncapper so I get a combo of Skyrim Leveling (which is one of the few good Bethesda ideas) where you level the skill you use most (which makes sense) & XP from SXP. Best of both worlds. The trick will be to find the perfect balance.


The problem I see with the vanilla leveling system is that it really hampers play at low levels before your character's perks/skills have been fleshed out. Also the lack of quest reward apart from monetary/gear is a little lacking as well. That is the best part of SXP.


BUT... with just SXP, you begin to miss the bias that you must develop during actual gameplay/character development to build your character the way you want. The two becomes disconnected. For example: you use a bow to kill all your enemies, you gain no bow skills as you choose to put the XPs in blocking.... See what I mean.


So combining the two may be the best way forward.


Fortunately both Uncapper and SXP are adjustable.

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Excellent! I've created a pack WIP thread so we can discuss it without derailing this one.

This is my gameplay philosophy as well ;)


@Smile et al

Don't be too concerned with Pack-Pack incompatibility. We are referring to SR and Extended (and the like) as "Expansion" Packs and smaller, more specialized Packs as "Add-On" Packs. The former should be all-in-one solutions and the latter should be able to be daisy-chained. The idea of installing Core followed by several specialization Packs should work just fine, given that Pack authors do not get silly and out-of-scope with their Packs (or they will not get used). We hope that this will eventually be driven by community demand for specific Add-On Packs that work with other specific Add-On Packs.


People like kryptopyr will know how to put Packs together and this will foster collaboration and discussion. We are also building Pack-Pack inter-compatibility and requirements into the tools that will be used to construct the Pack Guides.


All to be installed over STEP:Core of course, which will not conflict with anything an any prohibitive ways. ;)

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STEP: Hardcore: Add as many mods that spawn more and harder creatures as possible. Throw everthing, but the kitchen sink at you. Include SkyRE, ASIS, SkyTest, More Bandits, high level enemies, as many mods that have invasions as possible. Throw in all the survival mods as well.


Then to balance it. Add mods to allow more followers.


I think we actually need to create a mod to make this work. It is too hard to tell who is on your side and who is the enemy when you fight in crowds. So you end up kiling guys on your side. If you attack a guard he attacks you. So you need something that has a targeting system and makes it easier to see who is on your side and who is not.

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