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The Elder Scrolls Anthology revealed


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....While it does look attractive, I kinda already have all 5 Elder Scrolls titles (Arena and Daggerfall I could get for free legally from Beth themselves, the rest were on sale at Steam), with all expansions (Morrowind and Oblivion were the GOTY editions, I bought the expansions for Skyrim as I went along). And besides, if it's an anthology for serious fans, you might want to include some of the more obscure games (I'm looking right at ya, Battlespire and Redguard!)


Might be nice to own phsical maps of Tamriel and the major reigns. In fact, I believe my older brother once had a map of Morrowind (that came with the Morooiwnd GOTY port for the Xbox, what a trainwreck that was). I don't know where it went, but if I can find it, it's going to be hanging up in my room.


Still, $80 for CD copies of all games with all addons and some maps? That's actually a bit of a steal, espically considering how expensive collectors editions actually get.

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That would be awesome if they did! I'm thinking that if people pay so much for it that they wouldn't want them to be forced to figure out DOSBox. Of course, I can also see them not caring one bit and basically sending them unaltered.

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Thanks to that sale the other day ($5 for the win) I can finally play Morrowind again after too long a time.


I promptly modded the crap out of it in hopes that the game is broke so I can't play.


Morrowind is probably my most played game of all time. And my playtime for a game I started playing a little over a year ago (Path of Exile) went over 2000 (two-thousand) hours a few months back. D:


I know that if everything works I won't be playing anything else anytime soon. lololololol

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I got Morrowind for $5 too on a sale. Think it was last Christmas. We have it for the XBox, but I think I was too young at the time to really understand it. Now, if I can only set apart some time away from Skyrim and the millions of other games I own, I'll run though it. Any recommendations for mods?

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You could always play MorrOblivion, but Bloodmoon and Tribunal are not finished yet, only in beta testing which I believe is open for volunteers. Other than that just get the giant Morrowind Overhaul mod somewhere. Also, Vurt has about 20 or so of the top 100 mods on the nexus.

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I got Morrowind for $5 too on a sale. Think it was last Christmas. We have it for the XBox, but I think I was too young at the time to really understand it. Now, if I can only set apart some time away from Skyrim and the millions of other games I own, I'll run though it. Any recommendations for mods?


This is a pretty good list of must-haves that stay as true to lore as possible:





There are a few things from that list that I didn't bother with for various reasons:


Hospitality Papers

-The game can be made difficult enough. No point in adding more frustration on top of that. Especially since no one (in game or on the internet) wants to say where you get those papers from. I will admit that it increases immersion since there's dialogue that specifically says you must have those papers to do anything in that particular place.


Shut Up!

-While I like the Skyrim version of this mod, NPCs yelling at you adds to the atmosphere of Morrowind. Skyrim's annoying NPCs were just that: Annoying. Yes I'm looking at you, Nazeem.


Nastier Camonna Tong

-No particular reason for not getting this. I really just didn't care enough and knew I was going to be modding the piss out of the game so I just didn't bother.


Oblivion Style Vampires

-No. Nonononononononononononononono. Morrowind's vampires are different because they're a different kind of vampire. If you hate lore, use this mod. Otherwise, stay the **** away.


Tamriel Rebuilt

-Don't feel like it just yet. Maybe a few months from now I'll play a game with it.


Signposts Retextured

-Like stated, Morrowind Overhaul covers signposts. This mod is for use with Tamriel Rebuilt.


Main Quest Enhancers

-Personal taste. You can leave some of the nastier esps out, but on the whole I didn't want to install a mod with a bunch of esps only to actually use 1 of them. And the only esp I was going to use has an issue with creating clones.


Westly's Master Headpack

-No matter how much I mod the game, there's no way in hell I'm playing Morrowind in third-person. So I just didn't bother with this one.




So those are the mods I didn't bother from that list. Now for mods that I installed which he didn't list:


Frostmoth Repaired


Without giving spoilers: The game constantly makes reference to this happening and there's text which implies it is being done. Unfortunately, Bethesda forgot to implement the actual repairs into the game. lol




Not lore-friendly, rather more for immersion. This mod enables something present in Oblivion and Skyrim: Purchasing houses! In Morrowind if you wanted a house, you took it. If you're role-playing a character that doesn't fall into that niche, obtaining your own house legitimately is somewhat limited and almost always involves killing (or otherwise getting rid of) the occupant anyway.


Fair Magicka Regen v2B


As much as I love Morrowind, I do not love its magicka regen. This mod fixes that problem without being broken. It's probably the best and most balanced magicka regen mod out there.




This mod's description is too vague. I hope I don't run into merchants with 50,000,000 septims. Whatever the case may be, the vanilla amount of money that vendors have is annoying enough that I honestly don't care if they did put a broken amount in.

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Thanks for the links. I'll keep those in mind. Tamriel Rebuilt has been recommended a lot... so maybe I might end up installing that. Agree with the rest of your recommendations, through. Got Morrowind Overhaul already - when I was first fiddling around with the game.

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Hmm. Well, one or several of the mods I randomly installed (I installed a lot more than I listed) is messing up on me.


Or I might just need to reinstall because something weird happened during my Morrowind Overhaul installation and I think that's what messed things up. This is why I prefer doing 100% manual installs. It may take a lot longer, but at least you know what to do if something goes wrong.


That's one reason I hate modding Oblivion. Everyone does those installer things for OMM or WB. Let the people with masochistic tendencies and who enjoy using their brains do manual installs IMO.

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...even through I make a lot of installers (Bash mostly' date=' a few NMM/Fomod) for Skyrim. Then again, a lot of Skyrim modders are new to modding in general...[/quote']

I'm just a sado-masochist. I believe everyone should be thrown in the ocean and told to swim or die. lol


Also, freedom to choose install method. BAIN, NMM, or manual. A depressingly large percentage of Oblivion mods offer no choice to do it manually. I can forgive major ones like OOO or MMM or Better Cities. But stuff with 1 esp is a bit ridiculous and silly.


On the user side, sometimes ease-of-use is a bad thing. I constantly see people on a private forum I go to (with ~20,000 users) having issues because they did everything with NMM. Tell them about Wrye Bash and BOSS and suddenly their heads explode.

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You can't really approach a very complicated modding system with simplicity - that's why tools like BOSS and TES5Edit exist. It's also why I hate the Steam Workshop for Skyrim - it works better for games that don't have complex modding system.


I also really hate mods that are not set up for BAIN or manual installation - BAIN is the way it is because it makes the mod pretty friendly with manual installation.


Anyway, this is getting OT.


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