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Great House Mods Recommendation

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Hello All!


I have just started up another round of Skyrim and I'm wondering if anyone has any great House Mod recommendations.  I"m looking for something really unique and well done.  When I used to play Oblivion I simply loved Shadowcrest Vineyard by Korana...




I"m not really setting any restrictions (castle vs. cottage) on recommendations but I would like to have quality recommendations.  What house mods in your opinion really stand out.  I already use WillieSea's Leveler's Tower.  Thank You!

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Shadowcrest was also one of my favorite houses in Oblivion. One of my favorite houses for Skyrim is Mist Top Retreat by RealitySpectre: https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/12546/?

It's a very well done house with an aesthetic feeling that reminds me a lot of Shadowcrest. It has a reasonable amount of practical storage and other features without going overboard and getting too large. It's a very different from Leveler's Tower, though.

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