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Throwing Weapons Redux by Madrilous


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Throwing Weapons Redux by Madrilous




This mod allows players to craft and throw knives, hand-axes, javelins, torches and various types of bombs/grenades (oil, fire, flammable gas, poison, etc.).  Seems like something that was missing from Skyrim.  Throwing weapons give an alternative to archery and have some interesting effects, but ultimately just seem to be a poor man's archery.  Still they can allow your one handed skill in ranged combat to some extent.  (Archery and one handed influence thrown weapons while alchemy influences grenades.)  Torches and grenades are useful as they give people other than Destruction Mages the change to light things on fire, you can throw oil and then throw a torch on it to set a fire trap.


Has anyone used it?  Is it stable?  Balanced?  Does it add an interesting dimension to playing - or is it just more of the same?

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