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Better Apparel Effects - Simple by rootsrat


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Better Apparel Effects - Simple by rootsrat
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In vanilla game none of the non-armour headgear have any effects and the majority of vanilla apparel have either "+5 HP and O2" or "-5% O2 Recovery". This mod adds standard apparel effects to all the non-armour headgear (hats, caps etc.). It also changes effects on many apparel items to make them more varied. 

Now many more standard apparel will have effects like:

Actions use -5% O2
+5 Carry Capacity
+5% Critical Damage
+5% Diplomacy chance
+5% Intimidation chance
Medical items restore +5% Health
+5% / 10%  Persuasion chance
+5% Reload Speed
+5% chance of Research Sudden Developments

You can for example wear both a hat and a uniform that have +5 Carry Capacity for a total of +10 CC and so on. 

I tried to keep things balanced and somewhat logical. For example one can assume that engineers are rather dexterous and agile people in order to be able to fix the ship systems on the go, so the engineering outfits get Reload Speed. Military clothing would get +5% Crit Damage. High tier suits get +10% Persuasion and low tier suits get +5. Some special suits get +5% Diplomacy, which was reserved only for Neuro Amps in vanilla game. More sporty stuff gets O2 related effects etc. 

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