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Assorted Tiny Tweaks (by Parapets)

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Assorted Tiny Tweaks by Parapets
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There are 3 completely unrelated tweaks, each packaged in a separate ESP-FE plugin. I'm only recommending one of them for STEP:

Roggvir's Amulet of Talos: Gives a unique name to Roggvir's Amulet of Talos so that it doesn't stack with every other Amulet of Talos in your inventory and treat the whole stack as a quest item.

The related quest starts when the game starts, but only becomes visible in the journal after talking to a certain NPC. If you pick up Roggvir's amulet off his corpse before talking to that NPC and triggering the remainder of the quest, it will be stuck in your inventory as a quest item until then. Without the above fix, it will stack with other Amulets of Talos and prevent you from dropping or trading them.

In my last game I looted Roggvir's corpse right after his execution, because I'm a bad person. I kept his amulet in my inventory for several in-game months as I didn't know what I was supposed to do with it. Talking to children was very low priority, because I'm a horrible person. Thankfully I was using this mod which allowed me to loot, trade or gift many other Amulets of Talos without this quest interfering.

Long story short: it's a very simple and useful fix. It reverts the EBQO changes to vanilla so some patching is needed. You might consider incorporating this mod's change in the STEP CR patch, with appropriate credits, if you don't want to add one more mod to the guide, as it appears to be open-permissions.

The other 2 tweaks are more subjective:

Falion Is Rude: Prevents Falion from greeting you when entering his home during business hours if you've never spoken to him before, so his introductory dialogue doesn't feel so out of place.

I use it. It makes Falion not greet you like any common merchant the first time you enter his house and have not encountered him before. This is consistent with him being rude when you first encounter him outside. Requires patching to merge its changes with RDO's. 

I Know How Marriage Works: When you first speak to Maramal about marriage, you have an option to tell him that you already know how it works instead of the vanilla "no" and "maybe" options.

I don't use this one. Can't speak about it.

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