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This card is a beast. Although, it has a horrible price/performance ratio, especially since it's around the same price as a 690. However, if you have an insane resolution, want high scores in different bench marking programs, or want a monster for a small form factor build, it's the perfect card. I wish this is what the 680 was.


On a side note, I'm happy that Paul didn't state that it was the first single-GPU card to have 6GB of VRAM, like a few other reviewers have (Sapphire made a 7970 with 6GB of VRAM).

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That triple SLI kinda shows how CPU limited Skyrim can be with only a small jump in FPS from one to two to three cards on some of the tests.


I read Anandtech's full review of this card and they were talking about how nvidia has always wanted to go after a luxury market that only intel had a foothold in for processors. Now they can give that market a GPU designed just for them. The price is always going to be super high for early adopters of new products so I wouldn't expect them to sell this cheap, remember those early intel SSDs around 600 bucks for 160GB. I like the direction for this type of product as it says okay we've been playing catch up in the mobile market, but now that Tegra 4 is launching we can get back to business.

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That is true for Skyrim, but if you check out the other benchmarks you can see it really pulling out ahead; especially at the higher resolutions. Crysis 3 is impressive as that is a massively graphics heavy game. I'm assuming that Call of Duty and Battlefield are also CPU heavy games as those benchmarks are similar to Skyrim's.

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I read through all of the benchmarks and commentaries (german is my native language). This card in 3-way-sli is sick s***t. No way anybody who works for his/her money would buy this. Interestingly they stated that it was hard for their rig to even get the Titan to it's limit and they were using really badass hardware:

Prozessor Intel Core i7-3960X 3,3 GHz übertaktet auf 4,2 GHz

Mainboard ASUS P9X79 Deluxe

RAM ADATA XPG Gaming Series Low Voltag 4x 2 GB PC3-12800U CL 9-9-9-24

Harddisk ADATA S510 SSD 60 GB

Power Supply Seasonic Platinum Series 1000 Watt

OS Windows 8 Pro 64 Bit

Only at 5760x1080 they could get "normal" FPS with the Titan 3-way-SLI... really sick! xD

At 5760x1080 resolution and 4x SGSSAA and 16xAF they had an average FPS of 69.1 in Skyrim. Lowest FPS was 28... Yeah I guess you could bring those cards to their knees with a heavy-duty-bigges-textures-highest-resolutions-maximum-aliasing-and-filtering-modded skyrim... but honestly? I think your other high-end hardware components couldn't even keep up with two Titan...


The testers came to the conclusion that this graphic card is only an intermediate product until the next generation gets released... let's see what's going to come up there!8D

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I have the Titan geforce and its damn'd good :D

Skyrim extreme texture pack handmade by 80 texture meshes mods. 

ENB series sharpshooter

Realistic Lighting FX 

realistic lighting overhaul 

Hige/ultra tweaked ini settings

8AA Ugrid 5

Resolution: 5760x1080 

Posted Image


As i still cant play skyrim the way i want to i have orderd a second titan :D 

This will also enable me to play in Surround Semi 3D. 

3D on 1 monitor the center ofc, and 2D on the sides. 

Works like a charm in most games, skyrim included. 

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