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Midwood Isle SE


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Midwood Isle SE by Will Evans
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This mod adds a new land called Midwood Isle. Midwood Isle is home to the Sonmer - Sun elves. While admittedly the entire scope of this mod is placed entirely outside of any established lore, it can be considered lore-friendly in that it doesn't conflict with established lore, but it is rather an addition to the world, albeit entirely made up by the author. The main quest has you pitted against a powerful daedra by the name of Zahkris who wants to kill you in order to inhabit your body and lay waste to Midwood Isle. Only you as the Dragonborn are capable of defeating him entirely and saving the island.

This mod took me quite a long time to complete. As for compatibility with the STEP guide, the roads must somehow conflict with Blended Roads as they flicker and fight at places, so that would need patched. I simply ignored it. Also, using the latest mods in testing for STEP, the mod's worshippers can become quite powerful through the use of the enhanced spells added to their abilities, and I died a lot. Killing Zahkris was easy by comparison, because there was only one of him. Mind you, I was playing as a level 55-ish character, so this might be disproportionate to most people's experiences. I was able to play it through, but I did have to drop it down to Novice difficulty at places to account for the multiple overcharged mages. This is in no way this mod's fault, however.

One nice little touch you will see are the colored lanterns throughout the villages. Every detail is well-designed and polished, and I didn't have any trouble with any of the quests breaking in any way.

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