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No ESP in mod for guide - Do I need it ticked?


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I'm following the STEP guide for SSE.  I've gotten to the H segment of the Models & Textures section.  A couple of these have not had an ESP file.
Do I need to have it ticked in the left window of MO2?  I'm up to 85 mods enabled now, just following the guide, and I'm concerned that I'll reach the 255 limit before I'm done.
I've used the search function in the forums, but there are hundreds of results for "no esp".

Thanks in advance.

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Each mod's instructions indicate if the plugin should be converted to 'optional' in MO. Doing this removes it from the plugins in the right pane of MO. If you followed those instructions for all applicable mods (ELFX and particle patch are two among a handful of others), then EVERY plugin in the right Plugins pane should be ticked.

The plugin list is well below the limit. Many mods in the left pane do not have plugins.

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