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  1. I'm having this same experience. I followed the STEP SSE 1.0 guide, installing everything noted, but then I've also added a bunch of cosmetic NPC overhauls and some Dark Brotherhood quests on top. I met with the Dawnguard, then the vampires. Eventually made my way to get the moth priest and make him my thrall. The Dawnguard around him didn't attack. I've now made it to the Unseen Visions with the moths and scrolls part, and the Dawnguard that showed up didn't attack me, either. I'm not complaining or asking for troubleshooting help, just saying I've got the same thing.
  2. I had this same issue when I discovered the Lone Mountain Dragon Mound while traveling west from Whiterun toward the Swindler's Den. It's raining heavily in my game right now, and nearly immediately after the location discovery popup, it would CTD without stutters or warning. I went into MCM to the Wonders of Weather settings, changed Rain Splashes: Level = Disabled, and no longer have the CTD. Just posting this here in hopes it helps someone else, as Googling and finding this thread helped me. Thanks all UPDATE: Installing the mod mentioned above - WoW Dragon Mounds CTD Fix - also fixes the issue, even with Rain Splashes: Level = Medium
  3. Lol that's correct, it is now, as of 8ish minutes ago
  4. I followed the STEP guide for SSE to the letter and booted up the game prior to the Mod Configuration Menu Settings settings near the end of the guide. The game loads, but pressing Esc or Tab crashes it immediately. I installed SkyUI (which I figured was the problem), sorted with LOOT, and now I have no issues. Just a heads-up, the SSE 1.0.0 guide does not list SkyUI as a mod to download. It contains patches related to SkyUI, but not the mod itself. Great guide, guys! It was easy to follow and I have zero complaints so far!
  5. Great, thank you so much for the clarity. I've got them all ticked thus far. I'm nearly done with the Models & Textures section and very much looking forward to completing all of this and trying it out.
  6. Hello, I'm following the STEP guide for SSE. I've gotten to the H segment of the Models & Textures section. A couple of these have not had an ESP file. Do I need to have it ticked in the left window of MO2? I'm up to 85 mods enabled now, just following the guide, and I'm concerned that I'll reach the 255 limit before I'm done. I've used the search function in the forums, but there are hundreds of results for "no esp". Thanks in advance.
  7. You're able to download it at all? I get to this point: And clicking "Download Anyway" does nothing. It looks like it loads the page for a split second, then nothing. Can anyone upload it for me, or send it to me? I'd be extremely grateful.
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