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Step 1.0.0 - Missing Master - Butterflies Unchained


Butterflies Unchained seems to have renamed the esp after the creation of the CR patch. There is now a space in the name. I do have all plugins enabled. Here is the quote from MO2.

Congrats and a big Thank You for the new site and the release of Step 1.0! I do truly appreciate everyone here for all the help given so freely to all!

The masters for some plugins (esp/esl/esm) are not enabled.
The game will crash unless you install and enable the following plugins:


Required By


Step Skyrim SE - CR Patch.esp

WM Flora Fixes.esp

Butterflies Unchained - CACO Patch.esp


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Sorry about that and got it fixed. Z and I got some wires crossed during dev and some of mods ended up in moving and causing some rework. Looks like several missed our review but this should be about the last of them. *crosses fingers* 

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