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Copying/Inheriting/Preserving mod order but not the enable state


I know there is a way of doing this because ive done it before, at the direction of someone in the discord.. probably a year or so ago. It did not involve any manual tweaking of the modlist.txt, as far as i recall. 


The idea is simple, I'd like the order of all my mods to be the same between profiles, but only differ in which ones are active. I dont remember how this was accomplished before.. i dont think it was an explicit feature (although maybe it is?), but if memory serves me right, it was a clever way of achieving this result without having to actually edit the modlist.txt (i.e. removing the + and - before each mod name)


Ive tried asking in the discord but it seems that whoever is currently active on there or has happened to read my message, they're not sure how it's done. So, here's to hoping someone on here will know. Thanks

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There is not an automated way to do this in Mod Organizer. This can be accomplished, sort of, with multiple profiles though and some work.


If you have one profile set up the way you want it, all you need do is go into the profile manager and make copies of that first profile. You then can edit the profiles to your liking. Adding a mod into an active profile will not be activated in any other profile, it will be in the left pane at the bottom of the list. If you delete a mod in any profile it will be gone from all profiles. This is where you must deactivate mods only.


If you have multiple profiles set up already and you want to start over, you have to pick one of them to be your main profile and then copy loadorder.txt, modlist.txt and plugins.txt to each of the other profiles which will sync them to the original. This will give you a copy of the original in each of the other profiles. You can then modify each profile as you wish.

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