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Separate Instances of Bethesda Games All Run MO2 for Oblivion


I have FO3, FNV, FO4, MW, OB, and SSE installed on my computer.  None of the games are on the C: drive.  MO2 is installed as an instance for all six games.  When I turned on the computer this morning, not matter which game I ran, the computer loaded MO2 for OB.  I tried going into each individual MO2 folder and running ModOrganizer.exe from each of the six MO2 folders.  All six ModOrganizer.exe programs ran MO2 OB.  


MO2 for OB was the last game that I was working on last night before I shut down.  Obviously, a setting(s) got overwritten somewhere.  However, I cannot find it.


Any help in telling me where to look for the damaged setting would be greatly appreciated.  I really do not want to create backups for over 2,500 mods and utilities, wipe everything clean, and reinstall everything.


Thank you for any assistance.

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  • From each of the install folders of MO for the games you have, start MO.

Press the top most left icon, the gray over the red arrow, to start the instance selection process.

Press OK at the are you sure dialog. A new window will show with Oblivion at the top followed by New, Portable and Manage.

Press portable and it will restart. You should get a new window with the installed games, select the game needed for the folder. MO should restart with the game chosen.

Go into the settings and check that the base directory points to that folder.

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GSDFan - Thank you for your excellent advice.  I got all 6 MOs working again.  The only casualty was that I lost the OB loadorder.txt, modlist.txt, and plugin.txt files.  There are only 188 mods so rebuilding the mod and plugin orders will be easy.  Skyrim SE has 1022 mods.  Rebuilding the load and plugin orders for SSE would have been quite the task.


Thank you for your quick response and spot-on advice.

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Glad to help.

You may be able to recover them from the  C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Oblivion.

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