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MO2 won't start


Hi, I've been using MO (now MO2) for years, but when I most recently went to go back to Skyrim I encountered an issue with MO2 that had never come up before: it won't start.


When I double click on MO2 (the shortcut or the application itself), it simply never shows up. The logs imply that it's launched alright, and the "MO2 GUI" process is running in the background according to Task Manager, but even after like 10-15 minutes, there's no sign of the actual application launching. I haven't even gotten the little splash screen icon in the background of my desktop.


This never happened in the time that I was using MO2 before, only starting within the last couple months, I think.


This is a copy of the log file:

[2020-06-20 17:39:13.245 I] starting Mod Organizer version revision 6c6734fc in D:/MO - SE, usvfs:
[2020-06-20 17:39:13.282 I] data path: D:/MO - SE
[2020-06-20 17:39:13.282 D] this is a portable instance
[2020-06-20 17:39:13.282 I] working directory: D:/MO - SE

I've done a clean install of MO2, deleting the entire contents of the folder and reinstalling the latest version from Nexus. So far nothing has helped.


Thank you in advance for any and all help!

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Sounds like the window may be off screen, right click the task bar and select one of the window arrangement settings, like “Cascade windows†to see if it comes back.

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Apparently it suddenly decided to start working on it's own. Literally, just from yesterday to today, it's working now. Computers are weird like that.


Thank you for your reply, though, and hopefully it'll help someone else having a similar problem in the future.

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