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New Issue with Millwater Retreat and DynDOLOD


I have run into an odd issue with Millwater retreat by Darkfox127.  After installing a clean download of DynDOLOD 2.82 (from the mega link) I get a stall where the process stops with the message:


exception number   : 1
exception class    : Exception
exception message  : Can not copy MR_Ref_Bunhouse [REFR:5C003756] (places MR_Farmhouse05 [sTAT:5C003757] in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of [CELL:00000D74] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C]) at -3,-14) from MillwaterRetreat.esp into DynDOLOD.esp Assertion failure (C:\Delphi\projects\DynDOLOD\wbImplementation.pas, line 14062).



Please find the full error logs as requested at:




I admit, I do not why the log says this is 2.81 still.


Thank you for any insight.

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Please disregard, I forgot about my bashed patch for a day, it's been a long week.  Removing link share for error log.  Thank you for understanding.

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Make sure to get the latest Wrye Bash version to create valid Bashed Patch that isn't corrupt.

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