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Mod Organizer Windows Compatibility Fix Recommendation


I hope this post is not out of date, but I could never figure out who to contact.


I read all the old threads between the previous developers of MO and FNIS, who seemed to have moved on?

I noticed that they never once discussed the Windows OS, but seemed to blame one another.


MO is fine and FNIS is fine, but you are operating on top of Windows.


I was able to examine some old MO source and utilities code but not the FNIS code.


I would like to suggest a relatively simple Windows Compatibility Modification.


The Microsoft close statement does not really exist, in that it does nothing more than invoke select IO.


The problem with pending file I/O under Windows is that anything can happen and often does.
a) The file eventually closes. Okay usually.
b) The file fails to update at all. Kind of Okay.
c) The file is deleted. Not Okay.
The problem is exacerbated when you are dealing with a lot of files and multiple applications, like MO, FNIS and Skyrim.
FNIS needs to read MO files. Skyrim needs to read MO and FNIS files, which may still be pending.

The file I/O will have to be flushed anyway if you plan to immediately use the file.

Why leave yourself at the mercy of the Windows Operating System by leaving file I/O pending?
This is why Microsoft, got rid of the power switch 0/1; but was that a work around to an existing Windows problem?

I recommend doing a flush IO prior to calling close. 


MO is extremely well written and clean.

MO seems to open and close files during object construction and destruction.

Examination of the utility library shows that the class destructor calls close.


All you have to do is stick in a few flush IO statements prior to destruction.

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