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If enabling EnableEdgeAA on ENBoost, should i disable Oldrim native AA?



Well, the title says everything!
I seeked out a little but failed. 
And the ENBoost advanced guide, doesn't explain well if i should or not disable the game native AA.
So that's the question. If using EnableEdgeAA from ENBoost, will it have effects? Should i disable the normal game AA?

Also, this is offtopic, but i'm using a GTX 1050, and i wanted to know if it's possible to activate MFAA on Oldrim? Maybe inject it thorugh the Driver settings? 
Anyone has tested it yet, does it give a better performance/quality than the game original AA or EnableEdgeAA ?

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As a general statement, when using anything with ENB in it's title, you probably want to disable the native AA and use the ENB AA (true for both Boost and full ENB setups). I don't know the technical side of it, but most guides and such I've read make that recommendation, so I pass it on to you.

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