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Fnis problem with MO/ Error 57



downloaded all my mods I have in NMM again and installed them in MO. Everything but Fnis is working fine. I installed Fnis the same as the other mods and added it as an executable in the data part. When i run it, with or without any other mods activated, I get "error 57: All processes have been successfully finished" at the end. It doesnt generate the behaviour files from what i have seen and certainly doesnt work. The game itself runs fine. I've deleted my Skyrim folder (apart from some ini files) and let steam repair the missing files. I've deleted Fnis and all files I could find in the overwrite Folder before installing it again. I hope any of you know what that error means and can help me. Maybe I'm missing a report Folder somewhere that could tell me.

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You really shouldn't need to run FNIS or any of the tools as administrator. The basic methodology is to keep everything out of C:\Program Files and any other UAC controlled folder to avoid permission issues. Windows 10 can also reduce rights on applications if the executable is blocked (e.g. downloaded from the Internet or other "unsafe" sources) so it's generally best to unblock archive files (*.zip, *.7z, *.rar) before extracting the files to avoid this issue. (Right click the archive file, click Properties, click Unblock, and click OK to unblock the archive file.) i don't know that this really affects FNIS, but Windows 10 blocks Mod Organizer's virtual file system if ModOrganizer.exe is blocked.

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