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  1. Thanks very much : ) I wondered if it meant that I had WB incorrectly set up or something. I shall ignore it then.
  2. A quick question about running Wrye Bash with MO2. I noticed that Wrye Bash creates a directory in my Steam Skyrim SE directory, alongside the game folder. The directory is G:\Steam Library G\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition Mods, and contains two sub directories, Bash Installers and Bash Mod Data. Is that what it's supposed to do, or should it be writing to the MO2 mods folder or elsewhere? Everything seems to be working fine as far as I can tell. I'm using the stand alone "portable" version of WB, if that makes any difference? Thank you.
  3. Thank you very much : ) I knew I had to create the ini, I just didn't know where.
  4. Hi. I've been reading about the possible benefits of having particular entries in an SKSE ini file. E.g. ClearInvalidRegistrations=1, which sounds like it might be useful. Where I have got stuck is that I don't have an SKSE ini file in either my MO2 mods folder or in my SSE Steam game directory, and I don't know where I should create it. I have an SKSE folder here - G:\MO2 Skyrim SE\mods\SKSE64 Data - which is the one that gets created when installing SKSE in MO2. In my Steam game folder I have no SKSE folder at all. So, I don't know if I should create SKSE ini in the MO2 location, or if I should create both an SKSE ini file and an SKSE folder in my Steam game location.
  5. Thank you, this is all very helpful. At the moment I have my outputs (FNIS and Bodyslide and SKSE) almost at the bottom except for a dozen or so compatibility patches and a couple of mods where the authors say that they need to be last (XPMSE and Alternate Start). I only just started using Wrye Bash yesterday and I've put that with the other outputs. Touch wood and not wishing to jinx anything but I seem to have a relatively stable game right now : ) Thanks for your input. (edit, not sure how I quoted myself here but I can't seem to remove it now. Ah well.)
  6. Thanks for your comments. Yes, I do move stuff out of the overwrite folder every time. I was just wondering about where is the best place to put my output mods once I've made them. I don't know if they belong with (i.e. immediately beneath) their "parent" mods, or if they should go at the bottom of the list just above the overwrite folder. Or even whether it makes any difference at all.
  7. I was wondering about overwrite mods in general, eg output from SKSE, FNIS, Bodyslide etc. Where is the best place for the overwrites, in the sense of load order? Should they be placed with the mods that generate them, or just after any mods that they might effect, or should they go right at the bottom where the original overwrite entry is? I read somewhere about "dynamic" mods needing to go at the bottom, and I'm thinking that overwrites probably qualify as dynamic. I've experimented with all of these and it often seems to make little or no difference, but when I've installed a few dozen mods and CTDs start rearing their heads then I start thinking about what various contributing factors there might be. I've also experimented with the "Create Files in Mod instead of Overwrite" option. Particularly with FNIS which seems happier that way. Without this option ticked I have to run FNIS twice every time I use it, otherwise it says "ERROR(53): Could not find file 'temporary_logs\Skeleton.xml'." It's like FNIS doesn't know where to look for the xml. Am I doing the correct thing here or is there a better solution? On a vaguely related topic too ... when SKSE has overwrite data, is it best that it all goes into the same overwrite mod or would it be better to create a different overwrite for each mod that creates the SKSE data? So far I've only done the former and it seems to work ok, but again when I start getting CTDs then I wonder about anything that might be contributing in any way. Thanks, and sorry if these are daft questions.
  8. After 44 mods installed and my first night in Riverwood, SKSE wrote some output. It just seemed odd as it's always been a lot quicker than that even using the same basic mod set up. Thanks anyway : )
  9. Hi, thanks for the quick reply : ) I did wonder if it was a case of SKSE just not having anything to put in overwrite, but in my previous modding sessions there has been SKSE output more or less straightaway. I guess I'll press on and carry on modding this game install and see what happens. I generally run the same 40-odd mods as a basic set up, so if I get them all installed and there is still no SKSE output I'll be fairly certain that something has gone awry with my MO2 set up. Thanks.
  10. I've been using MO2 for a while now, so I more or less know my way around it quite well. Today though I started a fresh modding session and I seem to have come across an odd issue. I have installed SKSE as per instructions. This is probably about my 20th modding session, or more, in MO2 and everything has worked fine up until now. Long story short, with SKSE installed and apparently running fine, plus a handful of other mods and the game (Skyrim + DLCs) also running fine, SKSE seems to be producing no output to the overwrite. I run the game with a few mods that use SKSE, everything seems fine but when I quit the game and return to MO2 there is no output/overwrite. This is the first time this has happened. I've uninstalled MO2, including deleting all appdata etc, and reinstalled it, but it has made no difference. So I'm somewhat nonplussed now. I'm wondering if SKSE is writing to the actual Skyrim directory, but I don't know how to check.
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