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Install tab issue



I hope this is in the proper topic and place.


I have just started to use (MO2 – v 2.1.3) for the first time.  I have very successfully used MO for Skyrim; thanks to all the help I have received from All of you on the team and now thought I would try it on Fallout 4.


The issue is when I attempt to install a mod.  When I select “install†it does not work the first time, (that is upon restating MO).  After selecting install I am not able to proceed.  I have to close that window and select install a second time and it works fine.


This leads to an additional issue.  If there are any files that MO decides to place in the “overwrite†they do not show up until I restart MO.


I appreciate any help.


Speaking of Help, the tutorial tab is not working either but not a big issue.

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I don't know about the install problem, but for the overwrite one...


My experience in the last week or so tells me that MO2 doesn't refresh it's list near as often as MO1 did. Just do a manual refresh (or just open up the overwrite as if there were stuff in them) and they should be there if there was anything in it. I've had to do that fairly frequently when running patchers or the whatnot, so yeah - refresh is your friend. If you don't know how... right-click on the left pane -> All Mods -> Refresh.

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