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Launching SkyRim Vr with mods without using Mod Organizer?



I'm also running the Steam Locomotion plugin to then launch skyrim vr from that... but if you do this.. the mods set in mod organizer 2 arent loaded into skyrim vr.


It seems the only way is to launch skyrim vr from mod organizer 2 itself?  (or maybe to launch the locomotion plugin from mod manager)..


Either way its not ideal because in my one room i do everything from the googles (launching from steam vr itself).


Is there a way to make this work without the need for mod organizer 2 to launch the app.. or maybe to launch it via a script that would work via steam vr in the vr interface from the start in the goggles?


Thanks in advance

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Sorry, I do not know anything about the V.R. games. I can tell you that MO2 uses a virtual file system where mods installed by MO2 are in their own directories and not the games data folder. When MO2 launches the game it then  presents the installed mods to the game. Launching the game outside of MO2 is like running the vanilla game. There is supposed to be a instance for the VR games, did you use that or the regular instance. Again I can't test as I don't have VR.


You might want to head over to the MO2 discord server, ModOrganizerDevs, and download the latest version of MO2 or post your question in the # issue-reports section. Maybe someone running the VR games can help.

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