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Lock Load Order not working in MO2



Used to use MO1, now starting a new New Vegas runthrough with v2.1.3.


In MO1 I could select 2 (or more?) plugins in the Plugins window, right click, choose "Lock Load Order" and they would stay locked in that order (along with a visual confirmation - can't remember exactly what that looked like).


MO2 has the same "Lock Load Order" option, but when I try to lock 2 files together I get no visual indication that the files are locked, and after I run LOOT it's clear that they were NOT locked together.


Am I doing something wrong or is this just not implemented yet?

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This is a known issue with Mod Organizer 2.1.3 that should be fixed in 2.1.4. I don't think 2.1.4 has been released to Nexus yet so you can download the latest 2.1.4 dev build from #builds on discord. Just be sure to unblock the archive file (*.zip) before you extract the files or Windows 10 may make your life miserable. You can extract the files right on top of your existing MO2 install but you may want to back up your existing MO2 folder just to be safe. It's not that I expect the build to have any issues (most have been fairly solid so far), but I'd rather have that extra safety net just in case.

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