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MO 2 and profile save games



As opposed to necro'ing an old thread, I link it for it's relevance to my question. Question being, does MO 2 still have an issue with storing profile specific save games? GSDFan stated in post #4 of that linked thread about how MO 2 has an issue with it and only uses saves from the "my games" folder even if use local save games option is checked. I just recently decided to make the switch to MO 2 after using wrye bash for SSE and the awful nmm for FO4. I am having this issue, so just wondering if it is still a MO 2 bug or if I have something screwed up somewhere?

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That was from 2017, MO2 has come a long way from that time. I am currently using a developer build and it is working for me.


Edit: I take that back, it looks like my local saves weren't really local.

Thanks for the response GSDFan. And, yeah I knew it was an old post, and that MO 2 has made a lot of strides since then, which is also why I finally am moving to it for not just for SSE or FO4, but also oldrim. Anywho, so I am guessing from your edit, that you are in the same boat as me, and that local saves are still an issue? Can anyone else please confirm?

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