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Mod Organizer having issues with Dual Sheath Redux



So im trying to get Dual Sheath to work on Skyrim and it doesnt seem to want to work with me. Ive run the patcher and everything, yet when i go in the game it complains its missing the patch. I had issues getting the patcher to run at first but fixed that by running it as administrator. The Dual Sheath Redux.esp is currently loaded as well. This is my first time trying to get it to run on Mod Organizer as i was previously using NMM but im fairly confident ive followed the

steps correctly.


Im posting this here and on the general Nexus forums as well

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Something isn't right if you had to run the patcher as an admin. Make sure Skyrim and the tools you are using are not installed in Program Files or any other folder that is subject to UAC because this will cause problems.

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