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Mod Organizer 2 & LOOT (invalid string position)



When I run "Sort" it gives me an Error: "failed to run loot: invalid string position.". What should I do? (I have the latest version of Loot and Mod Organizer.) Also, every time I launch LOOT it gives me a message: "You have not sorted your load order this session." even though I haven't changed anything and I always hit APPLY.


I run them both as administrator and I tried to run them at the same time too. I also have to say that the load order in LOOT and MO doesn't match but it does match with NMM.



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Are you clicking the Sort button in Mod Organizer or running Loot as an external application from Mod Organizer? The reason I ask is because Loot's masterfile format changed in a recent version so you really should be running Loot instead of using the Sort button.

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