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Unleveled NPC Lists


Hi, there. I'm a moderately experienced gamer/modder. I am currently using FO4Edit, not having to many issues. Infact, more of a question.

The question is, What are the commands or values that need entered into the FO4Edit spreadsheet to make the npcs leveled AROUND your LEVEL. Say 40<50<60?


If i were level 50, how could I make the leveled list for a mod I'm using spawn NPCs around my level? I want to make it challenging but I don't want large level gaps above 15+ levels


I am currently using UNLEVELED WASTELAND

What script or value do I enter in the command line to give that npc ability.

Currently it says;     "Calculate from all levels <= players level"


Do I need to make a new list? or do I just change the command?

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This is not so easy. The level of NPCs is controlled by

1) Level or Level Mult on NPC_ record

2) Level of leveled list entries

3) Level of encounter zones

4) Difficulty modifier directly on a reference of placed NPC_


So it will require a carefully crafted overhaul changing a lot of data to be consistent.

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