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Installing STEP Questions and Help



Hey guys!

I'm trying to get STEP installed for a more stable playthrough but I've had some issues and questions - first of all, does STEP require every single mod? The two I'm worried about are ELFX and the Skyrim Rebirth HD textures. I know I want to use and enb, but elfx will compete with it, and I'm worried the HD textures will be a little too hard on my machine.


Also, I've noticed Step has no female body mods - is it safe to install UNP with it?


Thanks guys!

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The issue with the female bodies (like UNP and CBBE) is that they don't work well with vanilla clothes and armor. If you use the UNP or CBBE body, you'll need to also use UNP or CBBE clothes and armor mods. I'm not aware of any good quality vanilla female body replacers, although Nexus has been searched deeply for one.

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