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Hello all I ran into a missing texture issue that I haven't been able to figure out and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions. I ran a few programs via MO (bodyslide, ordenator (texture compressor), FNIS, Wyrebash, ASIS, and loot) and had some files in the overwrite folder. I wanted to make sure I had the setting I wanted and decided to delete everything in the overwrite folder and rerun all of my programs (all except ordenator). But since then my character has been blue and I can't figure out why. No other NPC that I have seen is blue only the character. This goes for male and female (I went in to the race menu to check). I right clicked and reinstalled all my texture mods but no luck. I use UNP and mature skin for texture and meshes.


What I've tried to fix it:

1. Right clicked reinstalled all texture mods

2. Tried an old save

3. I downloaded and installed  WSCO - Windsong Skryim Character Overhaul (although I didn't deselected UNP when I tried running the mod, I just gave it priority over UNP and my other texture mods). The character body appeared to keep the UNP bodytype and was till blue.  

4. Tried running the game with no texture/model mods installed (character was still blue and still looked like it had UNP body)

5. Re-downloaded UNP and mature skin mod and reinstalled them 


Mods that might affect the character model/texture:


UNP Skinny

Mature Skin

Noble Skyrim

Bijin NPC Mods


Any suggestions for fixing this issue?

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The issue was netimmerse override. Must have caused some issue when deleting the compressed textures. 

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