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TESV rules work for SSE - Whiterun Ferns, etc.


Just a heads-up to others who may be struggling as I was to fix the problem with low-res LOD trees showing up close in Whiterun when using Whiterun Ferns and DynDOLOD. After some digging I managed to come up with this thread which talks about the game bug where reused IDs in mods can cause this problem. I see the fix was actually incorporated into DynDOLOD for the mod in question (The Pines of Whiterun) as well as others like Whiterun Hold Forest. These fixes come in the form of rules located in DynDOLODSE\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\rules. 


What I finally noticed after bashing my brain was that these rules are named with a prefix of the game they will apply to, which means even though the ID's haven't changed from supported mods converted to SSE through the CK, they still won't apply to SSE DynDOLOD unless you make a copy of them and rename the 'TES5' part of the name to 'SSE' so it is picked up during the processing.


After renaming DynDOLOD_TES5_whiterunfernsesp.ini and DynDOLOD_TES5_whiterunholdforestesp.ini to DynDOLOD_SSE_whiterunfernsesp.ini and DynDOLOD_SSE_whiterunholdforestesp.ini these rules were picked up by DynDOLOD and corrected the problem just as with Oldrim!  ::D:


One thing I did want to ask is if someone more knowledgeable could explain to me a bit what is going on in some of these rules, specifically DynDOLOD_SSE_whiterunfernsesp.ini. I see that it takes all the ID's for trees added to the Tamriel world space and adds a formatted rule string for them. What I am curious about is, 1) why do you not have to do these with trees added to the local world space (WhiterunWorld, etc.), 2) why does WhiterunWorld not show up in the DynDOLOD options, 3) how do you know what things to add exceptions for? Like if I add shrubs why do they not show low-res LOD? I am guessing this bug only effects tree LOD?


Thanks Sheson for this amazing project!

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The walled cities (except Markarth) using a settings that makes them childworlds using LOD of the the Tamriel parent world automatically.


1) While engine knows to unload the Tamriel terrain/object LOD when in the cities, it does not unload the 2D tree LOD. The rules in the INI are there to add an "exception" to these trees so they use a different LOD system without the limitation, otherwise the tree LOD would be still be loaded when in cities.


2) Because it uses Tamriels LOD instead.


3) Kind of manual, for example get tree form id in game with open console then clicking it. Then add a rule for it.


So to recap, the rules for whiterunferns add an "Enable" setting on specific trees, so that they are not done as 2D tree LOD so the LOD unloads correctly when you enter the city,


LOD is added for objects automatically. You would either to acquire or create either billboards or 3D LOD models for shrubs. Typically they have no LOD. SFO has billboards for some of it shrubs.

Without LOD billboards or 3D LOD models the only way to have LOD is to use a full model for LOD, which is not recommended for shrubs. It would kill performance, memory wise unless used very sparingly.


whiterunholdforeste adds dynamic LOD for 2 full models so some shack has better LOD.


In the manual, check the section Configuration and Custom Settings For Specific Mods to learn more about rules. Also see DynDOLOD_Mod_Authors.html.

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