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Problem with loot priority not going above 127



Hi, I'm following the Step guide for Skyrim.  Version

I've done this before without a hitch.  I've run into a problem, though.

I'm to the part where I install Enhanced Lighting for ENB-LITE and when I follow the instructions to set the loot priority for 970000 it just plain won't let me.  The highest priority value I can assign in LOOT is 127.  I know I've been able to do this before in previous runs of STEP Skyrim and I am at a loss.  Any help would be appreciated.


Here are the instructions for the specific step I'm trying to follow, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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The game can only have 255  ( thats 0 - 254, zero counts as the first slot ) mod slots

( Main game esm, dlc esms, and current save file take up a slot each so deduct them from 255 total ).


LOOT range if its Minus 127 thru zero to Plus 127 = 255 global priority positions


So it amply covers hexadecimal 00 - FE positions in the load order ( FF always being reserved by the game for the save slot )







Its the same Load Order rules for Skyrim SE, Skyrim, Fallout 4, FNV, FO3, Oblivion and Morrowind


I think STEP guide was right in the past, but its changed since in one of the many ( very many ) betas prior to the latest release of LOOT .. Surprised it did not get seen before now.

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Sorry I have taken so long to properly check into this. I've tested and have updated the rules to their proper values.


The Global Priorities should be set as follows:

  • RelightingSkyrim_Legendary.esp = 30
  • ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp = 40
  • STEP Patches = 50 (default)
  • Bashed Patch = 80 (default)
  • Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp = 95 (default)
  • DynDOLOD.esp = 115 (default)

Using these priorities will place the mods where they were placed when the STEP Patches were created. Leaving a gap between the values allows for users to place mods between these plugin, if needed. For example, setting plugin XYZ.esp to a Global Priority of 35 will place it between Relighting Skyrim and ELE (possibly useful for other lighting or weather mods, but keep in mind the STEP Patches carry forward records from both these mods).

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