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Worldspace Guru Wanted


Hi, I've been looking at mods that alter the world space with spawn placement etc but I can see that they don't include some vanilla spawns and Quest triggers.


Anyone knowledgeable with tes5edit or CK that can help me understand this area so I can do some confident editing?



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WRLD records are groups, only edited references are carried over as sub-records in plugins editing them (and new references added as sub-records). Others are just ITM.

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Thanks for answering :)


yep, I understand the sub-folders contain NPC navigation meshes and object.

But in the Sub view id there are records I cant find info on

Records flag: No Pre Vis, Compressed

No Pre Vis: No Pre Vis


BTInteriors_project uses this.


things that just place spawns like WOTC don't have it.


The issue I'm seeing is e.g. Concord- roads disappearing mobs running through walls etc. I'm assuming there is a modified house but these records are screwing it up.


Also with Navmesh Geometry - Vertices and Triangles. What is the best way to "visualize" this CK?


the mods that all irritate me are.

3DNPC (this is the main want)

Plenty 'O' Interiors





(yea I know it's adventurous..... :woot: )


Looks like they all play together just have to alter some quests (they remove some vanilla quest spawns.) just WOTC seems to be the culprit....


Modlist here


example BT+WOTC

Worldspace>Block -1,-1>SubBlock -3,-1>E4D7 (MQ106TrackingSite04)

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You are asking about how the game works, not about how xEdit works. Better to ask in more appropriate places like official Fallout 4 CK forum.


PS: "No Pre Vis" flag disables precomputated occlusion in this cell.

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