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  1. @Gilgamesh2k5 I think it's awsome that Biraitbec was able to get people to allow a mod pack like that. Resolves alot of tedious issues. Currently I'm just using the HDDLC and truck loads of lighting and enb.hdr esq stuff 500MB compressed to get it to look nice. This time around I've added some large mods and rebuilt the world space a bit so you dont need to disable precombine. The basic shell is complete AND tested so I'll fix up the stuff over the next few weeksish.
  2. Fallout 4 Mod List and Load Order Guide (BiRaitBec Modlist) THERE YOU GO... IT'S SHINNY
  3. Teh alterations are done on a sub page (<<HERE>>) the main page stuff is just Quick tidying Now that VIS-G is up i'm just going to Modernize the main plugins. I have been also working on a light overhaul and this will be the update to the enb section. This will in turn make the Worldspace termination patch better. The release with be only using mods that do not break the precombine so you can have better frames. There is no ETA I'm just doing it as I feel like it. The list with lighting patch will be ENB ONLY Only vanilla textures [spoiler=Pics]
  4. @troy559grenade Patient for? I've updated the links. or You waiting fo me to refresh the Wiki?
  5. @lolomawisoft Looks like POSTIMAGE have updated their website and the links have all changed..... sigh... I'll go through and fix them up, Thanks for the catch.
  6. @Gninja89 The half constructed guide is the first one that shows up on google What's this about? what are you searching WSE installation was for "that version" it's changed since I wrote it. PAtches will not work unless I update them as they are version specific and can only be used as a guide for overwriting if you make your own patches Atm (as there is many hours of time saving in them) The last time I looked/updated at it was 6/12/2017 almost 5 months ago so all good to the negative part unless I update it weekly it will always be a resource/guide for fiddlers and a lack of explanation this is where it's hard as I can write volumes or just do this is it a guide or a resource. I'm not sure and this is why I'm still procrastinating about it's future direction. Side note it's almost 2 years old... was supprised when I looked/
  7. @GreenGhost21 I have not been doing very much in relation with the guide. The patches will be out of date in relation to Armorkeywords etc. I've been waiting on a couple of things The newer versions of MO2 for use with SkyrimSE and FO4 also VORTX.Update to the S.T.E.P Wiki Server as I dont want to rewrite code bits again as the old stuff hurt my brain.Basically I'll have to reset My mods in MO2 to update the wiki due to all the expermenting I've been doing, and If I do that, then, I'll alter the mods slightls as I made a couple of Combat oriented loadouts for friends and they are very entertaining (NON WSE) I think I'll have a dream and see if I can create some base mod groups and patches with How to Videos/Guides as that may be more enduring than Pssst! HEAYGUY... INSTALL THIS TEE HEE and If I dont keep updating then then it's not as seemless as it should be But That will be a another headake in itself. (And only usefull to a few who like to fiddle) I know the Site get heaps of hits, I'm assuming (from past comments) people are just referencing the modlist rather than use of the patches. So maybe an overview of patch groups and Controller mods(They are ones that drastically alter the game and others are there to just enhance them i.e. AWKCR, raider Overhaul etc ) No Idea Just rambling....Basically IT's not abandoned just Out of date.
  8. @GNinja89 I've not touched the guide for a while. But.. I removed Weather mods and Lighting as people were using different ones and combos and they are special in them selves (So many complaints) i.e. should really mix them unless you are looking for an effect so Stick to one type so sound Mod-->lighting Mod--> weather Mod Hope this helps
  9. If you have CTD from texture packs then I'm assuming you are using more V-Ram than you have. you can use https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1762/? To monitor the game as you play and see if it's a resource issue. (There a COUPLE OF SPOTS I know of that will CTD you but none are where you talk about.) IF you are using world Space mods or "Ultimate scrappin LOLOL I can scrap anything) ,mods then you are on your own as they cause game engine issues and I've not seen a viable solution to the Pre-combine issue) The recent BTI seems to work well with the pre-combine patch I'll add it back in to the wiki. @Defaulteduser Unsure what you mean by "Anyone else run into the Dreadnaught armor not having keywords applied to it?" what keywords are you referring to? Is there something your missing in the crafting bench? Also is it a spawned item or a crafted item you are having the problem with?
  10. Another thing is to open you modlist in FO4edit and see if it open with out an order issue
  11. @winedave https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Gernash/MODWiki#Concealed_Armors Did you disable the files under the installation instructions? Remember you can always see if you have something overwriting as file.
  12. @Defaulteduser BoSKnightGavil "Knight Sergeant Gavil" [NPC_:000B26EF] should be wearing armor but no cloths before the zzz patch as they receive no undergarments. Is he always naked. Try fast traveling away and back again.sleep/wait 1 hrsave game console mode Click on NPC type RecycleactorIF NPC remains naked Open console click on npcShowInventoryworkout what they are not wearingEquipItem FormIDKnight Sergeant Gavil was naked(Wearing armor but not under armor) in my game as well and the issue was resolved with patch and fast travel to the Prydwen and back. I'll travel around the place and see if I can find another bad NPC
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