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Giant merge - for translating porposes

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Hello there,


since I try to make a huge translation-project (German) for STEP I wanted to ask if anyone made a giant merge for all the .esp/.esm's of SRLE:LotD that includes all the string-variables. This way we could do a giant library for TESVTranslator and unify all translations. (not only for German, but any other translation if desired)


I can't do that since I dont have the original english files (anymore) and a whole re-download would require a huge amount of work. I would only require these both files.


Best regards



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Meh, it's late here, and I were/am very exhausted, so sorry for my lack of grammar. :P


Gonna catch some sleep, maybe I will have a more proper answer when I wake up. ;)


€DIT: I think you responded to the wrong topic.

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I read every post in this topic in a 50's New York detective voice becuase of the title.


Sorry Atro, I realise my post doesn't help either bar the bump.




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If you find someone whiling and that has a full LO, this may work

  1. Download Spluff either x64/32 as it doesnt matter
  2. Close mo
  3. run application
  4. First entry put "interface" (without quotes) for all docs or "interface\translations" (without quotes) for the mod added docs
  5. Second entry put  "0" (without quotes)
  6. Third entry the user needs to put their own path to Mod Organizer folder, the one with the exe
  7. Fourth entry the user may need to put their own path to the Mod Organizer Mods folder, on the first run, this is filled in and is typically <MO path>\mods
  8. Have them compress the Spluff Output and send it to you. 

After which, you can compile the docs however you please. I hate doing this manually so I'd write a python script.

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