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TES5Edit -- Worldspace conflicts



When i look at my TES5Edit for conflicts with all my mods loaded, one of the things that shows more than any are in the worldspace (in red) and seems pretty aleatory, for example:

                                                  I have a worldspace conflict that starts by some values that all the DLC's states, then USLEEP carries the same values forward to CRF, CCF.. etc.


Then a mod (Random Encounters) leave it in blank (does not carry the values forward), then CCOR and CACO, set the values back, Run for Your Lifes, takes it away for, knights Templar sets it back for finally Ordinator take them away again....


Should I drag and Drop (in TES5Edit) (or make a new plug- "copy as overwite..) this value to the last mod in the load order or I can just ignore it? Thanks for your time


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richardo can you be a little more specific on what is conflicting?


The term "Worldspace conflicts" is a very generalized term that involves a lot of things.


In case you are talking abt the "Max Height Data" in 0000003C <Tamriel> worldspace, then yes it must be forwarded into your general patch which will load last.

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